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What costs will I have?
You will of course have some costs, for example:
Demonstration kit: £99 (worth £140). See separate leaflet for details. Catalogue/order form: 35p each

Delivery of orders to you (or direct to hostess, if appropriate) by Post office : up to 20kg: £7.95

Hostess gifts: party hostess can choose 10% of the value of the sales in free Tupperware products, which you buy at 50% of the catalogue price. (If the hostess earns half-price rewards too, for sales above £330 + a date, you also pay 50% of the catalogue price for those, but remember the hostess will have given you the money to cover that 50%).

Thank you gifts: these are free to the hostess, a maximum of two, and they cost you £2.70 each

Packing bags, stationery, tablecloth, and more are available from the distributor if you wish to use them.

Samples of new products or new special offers. These cost you 50% of the retail price, but you can often earn them for free by meeting sales challenges.

Travel costs, other overheads
Of your 30% commission, you may be spending up to 10% on running costs, but this will depend on the demonstrator. You can also offset these costs in various ways:  a raffle o occasionally having parties in your own home where you are both the consultant and the hostess o ordering your maximum number of “COBO” half-price items, usually one per £35 party spend, and using them for raffles, extra sales, etc.

having a “clearance sale” for discontinued products from your demo kit, which will have only cost you 50% of the retail price anyway